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    GBV in South Africa

    Gender-based violence has become one of the largest obstacles facing South Africa. With some of the highest rates of rape and sexual assault in the world as well as the growing impact of domestic abuse on the wellbeing of our communities we are compelled to find a solution to this growing monster that threatens to destroy the possibility of social and economic stability as well as protecting our workforce from the daily dangers they face.

    1 in 5 woman experience GBV

    One in five women (21%) experience physical violence by a partner.

    The Cost of GVB is more than R28.4 Billion per year

    Gender-based violence costs South Africa between R28. 4 billion and R42. 4 billion per year.

    83 People Killed Per Day

    138 people raped a day

    Gender-Based Violence Awareness and Counselling Education

    The course, although lightweight and low-cost, gives users a basic framework of understanding around issues of Gender Based violence, sexual harassment, domestic violence, sexual assault and the myths surrounding these issues.

    There are more in-depth video modules, currently under production, that are aimed at taking a deeper look at the subject of GBV and equipping the national workforce with a greater understanding of the issues and some practical tools on how to shift the conversation to a productive and proactive approach.

    This is a 1-credit course.

    Curriculum Code: 263501, Unit Code: KT0501

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    SAQA QUAL ID: 111142
    NQF Level: Level 5
    Credit(s): 1 Cr
    Occupational Code: 263501
    Qualification Title: Social Counselling Worker
    Part-Qualification / Unit Code: KT0501
    Part-Qualification / Unit Title as per Curriculum Gender-Based Violence Awareness and Counselling Education (Counselling as it applies to the GBV area)

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    GBV Can Include:

    Train your staff

    Are you protecting your staff from the largest security threat facing most South Africans?
    This is what you can do with this simple solution

    We have developed a Micro Learning Card Set to build awareness around this huge problem and assist companies in achieving their Duty of Care towards their employees around one of the largest social issues in the country. This GBV awareness course is already loaded on the GBV system for companies to give to their staff instantly for just the cost of a single cup of coffee.


    Addressing the root cause of GBV.


    Responding to the needs of those affected by GBV.


    Supporting legislation and its enforcement against GBV

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